I’m still getting over it

I’m still getting over the Steelers loss to those dirty birds (i.e. The Baltimore Ravens) yesterday.  The rivalry between the Steelers and Ravens goes back decades (and even my family is a house divided), and I was really hoping the Steelers would pull out a win since they were only trailing by one point at half time.  But alas, they did not, and my Steelers jersey will go into my closet until next season.

I had my Terrible Towel ready...to wipe my tears at the end....

I had my Terrible Towel ready…to wipe my tears at the end….

Sorry for the glasses in that pic…I got my eyes checked yesterday and I didn’t feel like putting my contacts back in.  Plus it’s really hard to see when your pupils are so big that you look like a cartoon character. I did actually improve in my vision .25 on each eye, so that’s always a plus!

Crazy (but corrected) eyes

Crazy (but corrected) eyes

I also pampered myself a little bit yesterday before the eye appointment and got my hair done. Since my last hair cut was in August, I was long overdo.  My stylist probably cut around four inches off and gave me a ‘modern bob’ cut…which she made very slight since I’m not good with changing my hair.  I did go darker and replaced some of my blonde highlights with red and brown.  Overall I’m pleased with the result:

New Hair!

New Hair!

But anywho, my workout today will consist of cleaning the house because my sister is coming to stay with Andrew and I tomorrow evening on her way back to Florida 🙂  She wanted to meet my classmates, so I’m also having a girls night with about 15 lbs of chocolate/chocolate related food items, so it should be fun.  Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Favorite football team?

Do you wear glasses/contacts?