2015 Goals

Happy New Year!  This past year as been full of changes, and I’m really looking forward to what 2015 has in store.   I figured I should write my goals for 2015 down so that I’m more accountable…so here we go:

1. Worry and stress less.

This is definitely my top goal this year.  I worry way too much about stupid things and it’s such a waste of time and energy.

2. Eat more real food (i.e. fruits and vegetables).

I try to eat healthy most days, but since school started the amount of junk/processed foods I consume has increased dramatically.  I hope to add more fruits and vegetables to every meal.  Please note, however, that dessert will continue to be in my life…I’m pretty sure I would stop breathing if I tried to eliminate chocolate from my diet.

3. Eat this real food at home (i.e. Try the whole meal prep thing).

Since I stopped getting a paycheck and Andrew is starting a new career, we have to watch our finances a little more closely than we had in the past.  Since we went out to eat a lot, mostly due to our lack of planning, we’re hoping that if we actually plan our meals for the week we won’t need/want to go out as often.

4. Lift more weights

This isn’t totally true…but I need to be about them weights 😉

I’m awesome as the whole fitting cardio workouts into my schedule, but when it comes to weights, I’m definitely not as good.  I’m hoping there will be some weight lifting classes (like Body Pump) at UNC’s fitness center so I can start there and then hopefully get into my own workouts.

5. Run more!

Baltimore 10 Miler (2014)

Baltimore 10 Miler (2014)

I’m really looking forward to being able to run again, and hope to sign up for some races in the Spring/Summer.

6. Take more gym selfies.

One of my few gym selfies...

One of my few gym selfies…

haha…just kidding…ok sort of.


What are some of your goals for 2015?

How long does it take you to actually write the correct year after January 1st?  At least 1-2 months for me…haha.



2014 in Review

Hey y’all! I hope you’ve been having a nice Christmas break! I’ve been on break since the beginning of December, and I can’t believe that school starts up again next week! As expected, PT school leaves little time for blogging (or sleeping, eating, working out, having a life, etc.), but I’m loving every minute of it! I still can’t believe that I got into my top choice school and fulfilling my dream of becoming a physical therapist.   Getting there was tough, but the time spent attending night classes, studying, working two jobs, and completing applications was totally worth it!  So….here are some of the things that happened in 2014 (in no particular order…which, for those that know my OCD self…that will be a shocker) :


Not just any PT school…my top choice PT school.  I honestly didn’t think I was going to get in since they only take 30 applicants (out of the 550+ that applied this year), but I absolutely love my classmates and my classes and the fact that I’m finally a Tarheel!

First day of school!!

First day of school!!


Tarheel game

Watching UNC’s women’s volleyball crush Florida State. Go Tarheels!!


2.  Andrew and I finally moved to North Carolina…and probably won’t leave…ever.

We love, love, love it here!


Chapel Hill sunset :)

Chapel Hill sunset 🙂


NC sign

3. I got a concussion.

Yeah…this was not so fun.  I got it playing soccer at the end of October (which I ‘came out of retirement’ for) and have just started running again in the last few days.  It was probably the worst injury I’ve ever had and even more difficult when your ‘job’ is thinking/studying all day (and you aren’t able to because your head is pounding).  This made me realize that learning the material and understanding it is much more important than getting 100% on every test, and I was able to finally stop stressing out by the time finals rolled around…so I guess a good life lesson for my OCD self.

4. Andrew got a new job 🙂

Since I was changing careers, Andrew decided to do the same thing.  He starts work next week and is nervous/excited about his new IT related job (that’s all I really understand about it…his voice magically turns into the teacher from Charlie Brown when he tries to explain haha).  He’s also tutoring and loving the fact that he can still ‘teach’, but not have the annoying parts of the job, like lesson planning and grading.

Sometimes I feel like this when I talk to my husband...

Sometimes I feel like this when I talk to my husband…


So those are the main (and exciting) points of this year…and they ended being in chronological order (OCD strikes again!)  Most of my time was spent studying…so I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my countless hours in the library.  I’m hoping to incorporate more running into my workout routines, and sign up for a 10 miler happening in April.


What were some of the main highlights for you in 2014?

What races are on your agenda for 2015? 


Day 3, and I probably should act more like a grown-up

Happy Monday (or not?).  I started off this morning with a 40 minute run that turned more into a run/walk because my back is really hurting (ggrrr).  I ordered my new shoes yesterday, so I’m hoping they’ll come in sometime this week.  I also plan to buy a foam roller, because I needs it bad!! My muscles feel super tight and stretching isn’t doing it for me.  I’ll probably take the rest of the week off from running…and maybe working out in general…but I probably will go crazy if I do that!

Thank you, Chuck Norris, you totally understand me.

In other news, I am on day three of not eating dessert.  That’s right folks, this girl is on day three of no chocolate, and it actually hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve been doing a lot of these as snacks/desserts, and it’s worked out.


If I pretend the fruit is chocolate…it still tastes like fruit and I still want chocolate.

I have decided that, besides this past weekend, I will only eat dessert on ‘S’ days, as in Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes ‘Special’ days).  But come Saturday, this girl will be getting some ice cream, like for realz.

Ok, so this isn’t totally true, but it’s kind of funny 🙂


In other other news, Andrew and I rode the free bus line offered in Chapel Hill to go get my immunization stuff squared away this morning.  I thought I would be golden since my parents found my medical records showing the dates of all of my immunizations.  Once we got to the Student Health Center, I unfortunately found out that was not the case, and got stuck with not one, not two, but THREE needles, all in my left arm (by choice…I’m sort of regretting that decision now).


Yes, that is an ice pack on my lower back. I’m a hot mess…haha



The health center is right next to the football stadium, so of course I got Andrew to take a picture! #goheels!


I was so upset about everything as we were going to another part of the building that Andrew actually yelled at me and told me to stop acting so upset.  That might have pissed me off at first, but then I realized that I did need to grow up and figure out the situation as opposed to taking it out on the nurses and the women at the front desk.  I felt kind of dumb after the whole thing and tried my best to change my attitude…and it worked…I think….and hopefully I was nice to everyone…hehe.  I’ll hopefully learn to act like an adult soon…ugh!


How was your weekend?

How often do you eat dessert?

Do you ever have those moments where you really just want to throw a temper tantrum?  Please tell me it’s not just me!




A look inside the North Carolina Nagel Apartment

Happy weekend!  Today is a rest day for me since my lower back has decided to start hurting…which I’m almost positive is from my extremely old running shoes (which I’m hoping to replace this weekend!!).  I haven’t run much this week but went on the elliptical instead.  I liked being able to watch Friends while I exercised.

So since we finally have our apartment in order, I thought I would give you a little tour (sorry if some of the pics are blurry!):


The living room with our NEW furniture!


Dining Room

Dining Room



Our bedroom

Our bedroom


Another shot of the bedroom. My Dad painted that picture and it's one of my favorites :)

Another shot of the bedroom. My Dad painted that picture and it’s one of my favorites 🙂

And most importantly…The running wall:


The running wall 🙂


Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek in our apartment 🙂


How do you display your running bibs/medals/pictures/etc?


25 Things About Me

Happy Hump Day…. woot wooooooot! (Sorry, that will never get old).  This week as been pretty productive in the Nagel household, and it’s only Wednesday! We got our North Carolina drivers licenses yesterday…well…a paper saying that we will be getting our actually drivers license in a few weeks.  Once we do that we’ll have to go to a different place to register our car and all of that fun stuff.  We thought we were going to have to take a written test, but when we got there they said we only had to know street signs (in which we both replied, ‘but we studied!!’…I know, we’re both nerds).

We also got our new living room furniture yesterday!!! It literally took the guys two minutes to get our sofa and love seat up a flight of stairs and unpacked, but I started laughing hysterically as I remembered one of my favorite Friends episodes.  Say it with me now: “Pivot….pivot….PIVOT”.

But anywho, I saw one of those survey thing things on Julie’s blog yesterday and thought it would be fun:

25 Things About Me

1. I’m happiest when… 1. Andrew and I are in the same state, and 2. I can run without pain (i.e. I’m not injured)

2. …Especially if it… 1. involves just chillin’ spending time with each other 2. means I can train for a race (like maybe my first marathon?! one can dream, right?)

3. I’ve always wanted to… work with athletes, so I’m hoping my physical therapy career will take me in that direction. If not, I would love to work on a military base and help military members and their families.

4. My family and I… are all the sam-ish! That’s an inside joke, but I love that I’m part of a large family (I mean huge: my Mom is one of four kids and my Dad is one of six kids, so I have so many cousins!!).

5. I was a terrible… art student.  Like seriously, zero artistic abilities.

6. My first job was… a Hostess at Bob Evans.  It lasted a month before I moved on to scooping ice cream at Baskin Robins.  People get really angry when they’re hungry…and plus I wasn’t getting any hours so I needed to find a better job anyways 🙂

7. I could probably (or most definitely) eat chocolate everyday.  Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows this is true.

8. I stole… nothing! Sara and I did ‘share’ clothes (as in I’m pretty sure she still has one of my Steelers T-shirts…ahem, Sara).

9. I was born on the same day as… Lorde and David Guetta.  I had to Google this, so who knows if it’s actually true haha.

10. My all-time favorite film is… Forrest Gump.  It’s so good!

11. I do a pretty mean… Aunt Mary Grace impression (she was an old family friend).  Just ask my Dad.

12. I’m still mad… that my Dad faked timing me when I would ‘race’ outside when he would want to kill time (usually at a restaurant that had a long wait…Mom always put Dad in charge of keeping Sara and I entertained…poor Dad…haha).  He knew how competitive I was (yes, even as a little kid), so he said he would time me to see how fast I could either run around the outside of a restaurant, as long as there was a sidewalk, (this was before there were tons of crazy people around so you could trust your kid being out of sight for a second), or up and down a sidewalk (trust me, he would find something safe for me to run on/around…haha).  After I would race back he would usually tell me that I should be a second or two faster (or he would tell me that I was perfect…usually because our name had been called to be seated at the restaurant).   He did say sometimes he would actually time me, but still, not cool Dad! I guess he was making me a competitive runner early on 🙂

13. I met my husband… through my friend Megan and her husband Luke.  Yup, we were set up, and I think it worked out nicely 🙂

14. I always knew I wanted… to not have a desk job.  It only took me seven years to finally start a new career!

15. I’m not afraid to… move to a new place.  I moved to Chicago after college and did not know a single person, and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

16. I make the best… sugar cookie bars and chocolate chip cookies.  Just ask Andrew 🙂

17. I have almost no… Flexibility (I stole this from Julie, but it’s also, sadly, very true).

18. I always cry when… I’m sleep deprived. I think I’m going to have to get over this right quick since the next three years I will definitely be sleep deprived!

19. I’m (now) a North Carolinian, but I will always be a Maryland girl at heart. 

20. I spent the first 12 years… of my life moving every three to four years.  This was normal for a military family and I wouldn’t change it for anything! 

21. I wish my folks… would just move to North Carolina already!!

22. At 5, I was deeply in love with Disney movies and The Elephant Show (anyone remember this?)

23. I believe if everyone smiled a little more , the world would be a better place. (sorry for the ‘Miss America’ answer…but I couldn’t think of anything less corny haha).

24. I can’t stand… when people complain about anything on Facebook. I just feel like they’re asking for attention and it drives me crazy!

25. Whenever HGTV is on, I’ll watch it.


Answer any of the questions above 🙂

Favorite Friends episode or quote?


A few things I’m going to miss about Maryland

Since I’m officially moved to North Carolina (as of yesterday), I thought I would list the things that I’m going to miss about good ol’ Maryland.

1. My family.


What I won't miss about Baltimore are those yucky Ravens fans ;) Except Mom. And Sara. They're Ok ;)

What I won’t miss about Baltimore are those yucky Ravens fans 😉 Except Mom. And Sara. They’re Ok 😉


Mom and I :)

Mom and I 🙂


Is it normal for a 28-year-old to have a ‘I miss my Mommy’ moment a few hours after driving away from your parents house?! Having my parents around has been awesome. My Mom is the coolest person to be around and my favorite wine drinking buddy, and my Dad has been one of my favorite running buddies since forever. It’s going to be really hard to have them so far away, but any time they want to move to North Carolina that would be great 😉

2. The running group.

At the Baltimore 10 Miler start line

At the Baltimore 10 Miler start line

Typical runner selfie at the start line :)

Typical runner selfie at the start line 🙂

This awesome group of people has pushed me to be my best in the running realm. And they’re also just really fun to be around. We’re already discussing the possible races we can run together in North Carolina (ahem::Tarheel 10 Miler…which is so much more fun than Boston. Maybe? Just kidding…I’ll be searching for another race that doesn’t conflict 🙂 ).

3. CRABS (and good seafood). No one does crabs (and crab cakes, crab soup, etc) the way Maryland does. I tried to get my fill before I left but it’s never enough.

These are a few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things…

Real crab cakes can only be found in Baltimore, trust me.

Real crab cakes can only be found in Baltimore, trust me.

4. This girl (and her kiddos).


Megan and I after the Disney Princess Half Marathon a few years back (pre kids for her and pre-marriage for me (Andrew and I were engaged at the time)

Megan and I after the Disney Princess Half Marathon a few years back (pre-kids for her and pre-marriage for me (Andrew and I were engaged at the time))


Me and Megan's daughter, Noelle, sometime last year

Me and Megan’s daughter, Noelle, sometime last year

Megan has been my best friend for over 10 years (I don’t really know why she’s put up with me for that long…but she has). Although we’ve both been crazy busy with school (me) and raising some awesome kids (her) she’s been an awesome running buddy and has let me vent to her about various things. Any time she wants to come down and visit and/or move to North Carolina I would totally be alright with that 😉

I’m sure more things will come to mind as the weeks go on, but this is what I was thinking of in the days leading up to my move.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m definitely excited to be down in North Carolina chasing my dream of becoming a Physical Therapist at my favorite University 🙂

Today Andrew and I are going to a farmer’s market down the street from our apartment, so I’ll let you know how that goes!


For those living in Maryland, what are some of your favorite Maryland-related things?

For those living in North Carolina, what are some of your favorite North Carolina-related things that I need to check out?





Moving madness

Oh hey! Remember me? Sorry for the lack of posting. My life lately has been somewhat crazy because it’s been looking like this:


And this:


But…it’s also included this fun stuff:








Our stuff (and Andrew) moved to North Carolina almost two weeks ago. Andrew drove down the night the movers showed up at our Maryland apartment because they planned to get to our new apartment at ‘o-dark-30’ the next day and we wanted to make sure someone was there. My parents and I stayed back and cleaned the place so that we didn’t have to deal with it when we got back. The whole process was exhausting and I missed Andrew like crazy since I decided to drive back up to Maryland and work two more weeks.  We were reunited today (yay!).  I can’t believe I’m officially a full time student and won’t be working at the Agency where I worked for seven years.  It’s going to be an adjustment, but I’m so excited to finally be a UNC Tarheel 🙂    

In other news, my sister is home from her deployment!!! I haven’t seen her in six months so I’m glad I get to spend the next few days with her. She wanted pizza as her first meal when she got back to the states.



And then we all got pedicures (my feet are the flat ones with green nail polish…I’m sorry I subjected you to such ugliness).


I’m still so exhausted from the drive down today (I woke up at 4:00am and left at 4:30am) so I think I’m going to give myself a break and take a little nap…or maybe watch some cable TV (which we have again….eeekkkkk!). 

Hope you’re all having a happy Friday!!


Have you moved recently? If so, where?

Any North Carolina runners in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area want to go for a run?!




I kicked it.

Today is my Friday…woo hoo!! The work day felt longer than usual today…probably because I knew there was a three day weekend waiting for me once the day was over! Anywho, my exercise so far this week consisted mostly of classes, which the exception of a run on Monday. I took an X-fit class yesterday and a kickboxing class called ‘Kick It’ today. During the X-Fit class we did a few sprints and I ran ‘against’ Mrs. Linda.  She’s super speedy so it was good competition!  Today’s Kick It class really kicked my boo-tay.  The instructor, Sean, added around 10 minutes of ab work at the end and I swear my abs were literally on fire.  It was a ‘good hurt’ though.

After work, my parents and my in-laws met at our apartment and we all drove downtown to Abbey Burger Bistro.  My in-laws brought their mini-van so we could all fit in one car.


The crew. P.S. I promise my Dad was not giving me the finger in this picture….he was waving.

Abbey Burger Bistro seriously has the best burgers ever, and apparently have $3 drafts during happy hour (and it was happy hour when we got there…score!).  You’re able to build your own burger, so I got a turkey burger with swiss, spouts, avocado, sautéed onions and Makers Mark BBQ sauce all on a pretzel roll.  And of course I got a side of sweet potato fries.  Their ‘meat of the month’ was either wild boar or camel.  Yes, camel.  I was not adventurous enough to try either one, but Andrew got the wild boar and thought it was ok.


I know. I’m so sexy in this picture. Andrew is so lucky…haha.

Over all, it was a really fun evening.  I’m ending the evening with a few loads of laundry and possibly an early bed time in the hopes of getting a long run in tomorrow morning.  It’s supposed to be a decent temperature tomorrow so I want to take advantage of it before it gets too hot again!


If you could build a burger, what would you put on it?

Take any good exercise classes lately?





It’s starting to feel real…and a funny things my Grandpa said today

So one of the first things I’ve been doing at work in the mornings, after reading my emails and start running my daily reports, is update my countdown. After today I have 15 more work days until I’m leaving my job at SSA. 15!!!!!! When did it get into the teens?! I can’t believe this chapter of my life is coming to an end. Seeing such a small number is definitely making this whole transition feel real!

In other news…I’ve actually eaten some fruits and veges this week (side note….as I typed ‘fruit’ autocorrect changed it to ‘fetus’. I promise I did not eat fetus today. #ihateyouauyocorrect). I had a salad for lunch and a green pepper omelet for dinner yesterday. I also finished a bottle of wine, because we need to finish up the food in our frig yesterday (don’t worry it was only like half a glass).  I also did the unthinkable.  I did not eat any of the Reese’s Oreos yesterday or today.  It was my goal (yes, I set food goals).  It was hard and I almost caved several times. But I did it.  I’ll probably finish the package tomorrow.  Just kidding.  Not really.

I miss you Reese’s Oreos…

Today we met up with some extended family for a mini family reunion at one of our favorite restaurants.  We made it to the bar of the restaurant a little early to watch the U.S. vs. Belgium game.  It was such a disappointment, but I really couldn’t see them going much further outside of the first round (sorry for being a Debbie Downer).  I still thought they have it their best effort, you know, in the last 10 minutes of overtime.  Ok, Ok, I’m done now.


Yup…or a loss.

Anywho, my Mom told my Grandpa (my Mom’s Dad) that there was a surprise at dinner.  He thought that it was just going to be my immediate family and my one Uncle who was in Maryland on a business trip, but we didn’t tell him about the several other family members coming to dinner (12 others to be exact).  The extra family members coming to dinner was the surprise.  He thought the surprise was that I was pregnant.  Um…really Grandpa?! We laughed about it for forever.  Both of my Uncles asked how far along I was (they’re buttheads.  JK they’re the coolest.).  The same Uncles also told me that I needed to name the child either Edward David or David Edward (can you guess what their names are?!).


Yup, I’m super old!

It was a very interesting and funny evening and it was nice to spend time with family.  I’m off to bed to wake up to another one of the 15 work days I have left!



For those of you that are recently married, how often do you get the ‘when are you going to have kids?!’ question?  Now that I’m going to be a full time student, not much, but I’m pretty sure my Grandpa is stuck in the 1950s and thinks I’m 4 to 5 kids behind.

What did you think of the World Cup game?  Who are you cheering for now that the U.S. is out? GO GERMANY!!!



That time we drove to North Carolina and back in less than 48 hours

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a good Sunday! This weekend has been jam packed with moving stuff for Andrew and I, so today will consist of studying my little heart out.  But at least I’ll have my hubby sitting across from me…also studying.  We’re such party animals…I can’t stand it!


He’s so happy to be here…

Since Friday was my AWS day, and also the day we could pick up the keys to our new apartment, we decided to make the drive to North Carolina.  But first, we met my Mom and Dad for breakfast at Miss Shirley’s.  They have the best pancakes ever (please see Andrew’s choice below) and their omelets are also really good (what Mom and I got).  I got the veggie omelet, except I had them make it with real eggs (instead of egg whites) and added avocado.  It was gooooood.


Andrew got the pancake special. I can’t remember everything that was on it, but it was crazy good.



Mom got the Maryland Omelet….also awesome

That definitely fueled us for our long drive to NC.  We made a pit shop for gas and lunch eventually, but made it to Chapel Hill by the time the leasing office opened at 4:30pm.


Home Sweet Home. Go Tarheels!

After we got our keys and our paperwork, we decided we needed to eat again and found Town Hall Burger and Beer.  I got California Burger with sweet potato fries and a Blue Moon.  I was in heaven.  I think we will be going again once we make the move to Carrboro.


Greasy goodness, complete with sweet potato waffle fries (what?!)

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning the apartment and going to bed at a decent hour.  We slept on Saturday in since the leasing office didn’t open again until 10:00am, turned in paperwork, then headed to Weaver Street Market.  This was a suggestion by the ladies at the leasing office…they said it had the best coffee so I was sold.  I forgot to take a picture of my iced mocha when the cup was full, so here’s the empty cup (but I promise you, it was amazing!).


The empty cup that contained the best iced mocha I’ve ever had.

Once we were in the car for a few hours, we decided we wanted a milkshake from Cookout.  I was dreaming of the peanut butter fudge milkshake I had the last time I was there, and since my eating habits had been poor this entire weekend, I thought I might as well throw in some French fries and onion rings too.  I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow and get back to my usual diet with balanced meals.


Greasy goodness, part II

It was an exhausting (and artery clogging) 48 hour journey, and we made it back in time to throw our stuff inside and head back out to get grocery shopping done.  Andrew and I are both extremely grateful for today to relax and not have any plans.  I head back to work tomorrow for a four day work week, but it’s a jam packed week full of dinners out with family, so it should be great time.


What did you do this weekend?

Any plans for the July 4th weekend?