Friday Favorites

Happy weekend everybody! I know Friday is almost over, but since I had a few minutes I thought I would throw out some of my favorite things for this week:

– Dinners at home

Dinners at home :)
Dinners at home ūüôā

Andrew and I have really been trying hard to cook meals throughout the week to avoid going out and spending money, and we’ve been pretty successful. We’ll usually come up with 5-6 meals, and have enough leftovers to get through the week.¬† The picture above was of yesterday (Thursday’s) meal of bruschetta chicken with¬†tortellini and pesto.¬† The salad brings my into my next Friday Favorite:

– Power Greens salad mix

power greens

I found this salad mix at Costco and have been making salads for lunch and dinner with it for the past few weeks.¬† It’s freaking awesome is also good for breakfast (in¬†an omelet or smoothie).

– Target’s food clearance section


I got these two bags of granola¬†around 50% off…which made them an awesome deal.¬† It didn’t help that I was starving when I bought them so I immediately opened each bag and had a snack…hehe.

–¬†Comfy pants¬†

comfy pants

These fleece pants were my Dad’s…but since I stole them every time I came home (and he never wore them) he gave them to me.¬† I wanted to workout after I studied at the library for a few hours, so they kept me nice and warm at the bus stop and at the library.


I did a Zumba class at lunch time today, and it worked out nicely since my back had started to hurt the day before.¬† I’m hoping to get some running in tomorrow (probably on the treadmill).


What were some of your favorite things this week?


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  1. I think usually i prefer to eat meals at home, although it can be a nice treat to go out occasionally! I love bags of greens like that to use in salads, meals or smoothies!

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