This weekend is going to be Wicked fun


I can’t believe it’s Saturday already! I only had two days of classes, but I was absolutely exhausted after those two days.  It makes me kind of nervous for how tired I’ll be after a full week of classes!

Since I don’t have class on Fridays, yesterday was the study/do all laundry/pick up around the apt day.  It was also cook breakfast (instead of have cereal) day:

Looks gross, tastes awesome
Looks gross, tastes awesome

A piece of toast with guac and an over easy egg = amazing.  I don’t know why I only made one piece because I was starving later so I ate a ton of junk food (not my proudest moment).

Yesterday was also ‘try to run outside for the first time in 3 months’ day:

1-10-15 run2

I thought the run went well at first, but I developed a headache later in the day, which probably means I went out too fast and aggravated what I thought was a cured head injury (gggrrrr).  So I guess I’ll have to stick to the treadmill for now to regulate my speed ::sigh::

But enough of the pity party…tonight Andrew and I are going to see the musical Wicked with my friend and her husband.

Wicked playing at the Gershwin Theatre

I saw it when I lived in Chicago, but Andrew hasn’t seen it yet, so he’s also really excited.  We’re going to dinner before the show, so I will hopefully remember to take pictures 🙂

I’m taking today off to make sure the headache doesn’t stick around, so I’m off to study a little/watch Friends!


What’s your workout for today?

Have you seen any plays/musicals lately? Andrew and I went to see Jersey Boys in NYC last year, but haven’t seen anything since.


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  1. That sounds like fun! I haven’t seen any shows in forever.
    I ended up taking a rest day today due to it being ridiculously cold out plus feeling weird aches and pains after some days of snow/treadmill running which Im not used to. Have a great weekend!

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