Day 3, and I probably should act more like a grown-up

Happy Monday (or not?).  I started off this morning with a 40 minute run that turned more into a run/walk because my back is really hurting (ggrrr).  I ordered my new shoes yesterday, so I’m hoping they’ll come in sometime this week.  I also plan to buy a foam roller, because I needs it bad!! My muscles feel super tight and stretching isn’t doing it for me.  I’ll probably take the rest of the week off from running…and maybe working out in general…but I probably will go crazy if I do that!

Thank you, Chuck Norris, you totally understand me.

In other news, I am on day three of not eating dessert.  That’s right folks, this girl is on day three of no chocolate, and it actually hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve been doing a lot of these as snacks/desserts, and it’s worked out.


If I pretend the fruit is chocolate…it still tastes like fruit and I still want chocolate.

I have decided that, besides this past weekend, I will only eat dessert on ‘S’ days, as in Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes ‘Special’ days).  But come Saturday, this girl will be getting some ice cream, like for realz.

Ok, so this isn’t totally true, but it’s kind of funny 🙂


In other other news, Andrew and I rode the free bus line offered in Chapel Hill to go get my immunization stuff squared away this morning.  I thought I would be golden since my parents found my medical records showing the dates of all of my immunizations.  Once we got to the Student Health Center, I unfortunately found out that was not the case, and got stuck with not one, not two, but THREE needles, all in my left arm (by choice…I’m sort of regretting that decision now).


Yes, that is an ice pack on my lower back. I’m a hot mess…haha



The health center is right next to the football stadium, so of course I got Andrew to take a picture! #goheels!


I was so upset about everything as we were going to another part of the building that Andrew actually yelled at me and told me to stop acting so upset.  That might have pissed me off at first, but then I realized that I did need to grow up and figure out the situation as opposed to taking it out on the nurses and the women at the front desk.  I felt kind of dumb after the whole thing and tried my best to change my attitude…and it worked…I think….and hopefully I was nice to everyone…hehe.  I’ll hopefully learn to act like an adult soon…ugh!


How was your weekend?

How often do you eat dessert?

Do you ever have those moments where you really just want to throw a temper tantrum?  Please tell me it’s not just me!




A look inside the North Carolina Nagel Apartment

Happy weekend!  Today is a rest day for me since my lower back has decided to start hurting…which I’m almost positive is from my extremely old running shoes (which I’m hoping to replace this weekend!!).  I haven’t run much this week but went on the elliptical instead.  I liked being able to watch Friends while I exercised.

So since we finally have our apartment in order, I thought I would give you a little tour (sorry if some of the pics are blurry!):


The living room with our NEW furniture!


Dining Room

Dining Room



Our bedroom

Our bedroom


Another shot of the bedroom. My Dad painted that picture and it's one of my favorites :)

Another shot of the bedroom. My Dad painted that picture and it’s one of my favorites 🙂

And most importantly…The running wall:


The running wall 🙂


Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek in our apartment 🙂


How do you display your running bibs/medals/pictures/etc?