Moving madness

Oh hey! Remember me? Sorry for the lack of posting. My life lately has been somewhat crazy because it’s been looking like this:


And this:


But…it’s also included this fun stuff:








Our stuff (and Andrew) moved to North Carolina almost two weeks ago. Andrew drove down the night the movers showed up at our Maryland apartment because they planned to get to our new apartment at ‘o-dark-30’ the next day and we wanted to make sure someone was there. My parents and I stayed back and cleaned the place so that we didn’t have to deal with it when we got back. The whole process was exhausting and I missed Andrew like crazy since I decided to drive back up to Maryland and work two more weeks.  We were reunited today (yay!).  I can’t believe I’m officially a full time student and won’t be working at the Agency where I worked for seven years.  It’s going to be an adjustment, but I’m so excited to finally be a UNC Tarheel 🙂    

In other news, my sister is home from her deployment!!! I haven’t seen her in six months so I’m glad I get to spend the next few days with her. She wanted pizza as her first meal when she got back to the states.



And then we all got pedicures (my feet are the flat ones with green nail polish…I’m sorry I subjected you to such ugliness).


I’m still so exhausted from the drive down today (I woke up at 4:00am and left at 4:30am) so I think I’m going to give myself a break and take a little nap…or maybe watch some cable TV (which we have again….eeekkkkk!). 

Hope you’re all having a happy Friday!!


Have you moved recently? If so, where?

Any North Carolina runners in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area want to go for a run?!





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  1. And we miss you! Can’t wait to come visit you someday! And so jealous of your dairy filled ice-cream!

    1. Kate says:

      I hope you can come visit soon!! There are a ton of races here, so maybe we can plan around that. And the ice cream wasn’t that good*

      *I’m totally lying and it was awesome but I’m trying to make you feel better about the whole not having dairy thing. I know. I’m such a good friend.

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