I kicked it.

Today is my Friday…woo hoo!! The work day felt longer than usual today…probably because I knew there was a three day weekend waiting for me once the day was over! Anywho, my exercise so far this week consisted mostly of classes, which the exception of a run on Monday. I took an X-fit class yesterday and a kickboxing class called ‘Kick It’ today. During the X-Fit class we did a few sprints and I ran ‘against’ Mrs. Linda.  She’s super speedy so it was good competition!  Today’s Kick It class really kicked my boo-tay.  The instructor, Sean, added around 10 minutes of ab work at the end and I swear my abs were literally on fire.  It was a ‘good hurt’ though.

After work, my parents and my in-laws met at our apartment and we all drove downtown to Abbey Burger Bistro.  My in-laws brought their mini-van so we could all fit in one car.


The crew. P.S. I promise my Dad was not giving me the finger in this picture….he was waving.

Abbey Burger Bistro seriously has the best burgers ever, and apparently have $3 drafts during happy hour (and it was happy hour when we got there…score!).  You’re able to build your own burger, so I got a turkey burger with swiss, spouts, avocado, sautéed onions and Makers Mark BBQ sauce all on a pretzel roll.  And of course I got a side of sweet potato fries.  Their ‘meat of the month’ was either wild boar or camel.  Yes, camel.  I was not adventurous enough to try either one, but Andrew got the wild boar and thought it was ok.


I know. I’m so sexy in this picture. Andrew is so lucky…haha.

Over all, it was a really fun evening.  I’m ending the evening with a few loads of laundry and possibly an early bed time in the hopes of getting a long run in tomorrow morning.  It’s supposed to be a decent temperature tomorrow so I want to take advantage of it before it gets too hot again!


If you could build a burger, what would you put on it?

Take any good exercise classes lately?






3 thoughts on “I kicked it.

    • I haven’t tried the peanut butter burger because I’m also afraid…haha. I think with bacon it would be tasty, but I don’t want to risk getting an entire burger and not liking it!

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