It’s starting to feel real…and a funny things my Grandpa said today

So one of the first things I’ve been doing at work in the mornings, after reading my emails and start running my daily reports, is update my countdown. After today I have 15 more work days until I’m leaving my job at SSA. 15!!!!!! When did it get into the teens?! I can’t believe this chapter of my life is coming to an end. Seeing such a small number is definitely making this whole transition feel real!

In other news…I’ve actually eaten some fruits and veges this week (side note….as I typed ‘fruit’ autocorrect changed it to ‘fetus’. I promise I did not eat fetus today. #ihateyouauyocorrect). I had a salad for lunch and a green pepper omelet for dinner yesterday. I also finished a bottle of wine, because we need to finish up the food in our frig yesterday (don’t worry it was only like half a glass).  I also did the unthinkable.  I did not eat any of the Reese’s Oreos yesterday or today.  It was my goal (yes, I set food goals).  It was hard and I almost caved several times. But I did it.  I’ll probably finish the package tomorrow.  Just kidding.  Not really.

I miss you Reese’s Oreos…

Today we met up with some extended family for a mini family reunion at one of our favorite restaurants.  We made it to the bar of the restaurant a little early to watch the U.S. vs. Belgium game.  It was such a disappointment, but I really couldn’t see them going much further outside of the first round (sorry for being a Debbie Downer).  I still thought they have it their best effort, you know, in the last 10 minutes of overtime.  Ok, Ok, I’m done now.
Yup…or a loss.

Anywho, my Mom told my Grandpa (my Mom’s Dad) that there was a surprise at dinner.  He thought that it was just going to be my immediate family and my one Uncle who was in Maryland on a business trip, but we didn’t tell him about the several other family members coming to dinner (12 others to be exact).  The extra family members coming to dinner was the surprise.  He thought the surprise was that I was pregnant.  Um…really Grandpa?! We laughed about it for forever.  Both of my Uncles asked how far along I was (they’re buttheads.  JK they’re the coolest.).  The same Uncles also told me that I needed to name the child either Edward David or David Edward (can you guess what their names are?!).
Yup, I’m super old!

It was a very interesting and funny evening and it was nice to spend time with family.  I’m off to bed to wake up to another one of the 15 work days I have left!



For those of you that are recently married, how often do you get the ‘when are you going to have kids?!’ question?  Now that I’m going to be a full time student, not much, but I’m pretty sure my Grandpa is stuck in the 1950s and thinks I’m 4 to 5 kids behind.

What did you think of the World Cup game?  Who are you cheering for now that the U.S. is out? GO GERMANY!!!




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  1. My family hasn’t been too bad with the kids questions, but now that we are approaching the 2 year anniversary mark its starting to pick up a little. It’s still so weird for me that my friends are starting to have kids!

    1. Kate says:

      Before I decided that I was going back to school full time, it would come up consistently, but I think my parents understand that school full time + a kid = insanity! My Grandpa just doesn’t get it yet…haha.

  2. runsaltrun says:

    It took about one day for people to start asking me when we were having kids after we got married. SO annoying. And now that we have one I get asked all the time when we are having another (which we aren’t). I wish people could mind their own business. 🙂 And yes…I think I like Germany too!

    1. Kate says:

      I don’t why people think it goes from marriage to kids right away…because it definitely doesn’t for most couples! Yay for another Germany fan…we shall see how they do against France. I’m kind of nervous about it!

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