This and That Thursday (i.e. a post with no pictures)


Hi Hi!  Today is my Friday since I have off on Friday even though it will be spent heading to North Carolina to finally see our new apartment.  The workday will hopefully go quickly (fingers crossed!) because I’ll need to head home and pack.  Andrew is making me ‘rough it’ and spend the night on an air mattress instead of staying in a hotel  Friday night, and because I’m a spoiled princess and really upset about it I told him I wanted to go shopping for a new couch while we’re down there.  I don’t know if he took me seriously because he usually ignores me when I’m whining like a brat (which, to be honest, I don’t blame him…haha).

So I found this little fun survey thing thing on Miss Amy’s blog, Fitness Meets Frosting, and I thought it would be fun…so here we go:

1. This or that: 5K or a half marathon?
 As much as I like 5Ks, I’m going to go with half marathon.  I feel like I’ve accomplished more after running 13.1 miles than running 3.1 miles. 

2. This or that: flat race in the heat or hilly race in the cold?
 Flat and the heat! I love flat races, and I love the heat…so that would be perfect. 

3. This or that: new running shoes or a new running outfit?
 Give me the shoes over the outfit any day! I usually don’t even match when I’m running, but as long as my shoes work for me it’s all good.

4. This or that: run a half marathon without headphones or Garmin?

Garmin. My iPod has a Nike+ app on it, so I can still track my mileage while listening to tunes (which I honestly feel like I need unless I’m running with someone!)

5. This or that: race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?
I love me some swag, but it was nice to run a race that was five minutes from my sister in law’s house, so I’ll probably lean more towards convenience.  The occasional RUNcation where a little more money spending and time traveling might take place is alright every once and awhile. (wow…did I even answer that question…haha).

6. This or that: PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?
 Miss the PR and finish strong.  I’ve been injured way to may times to know that the PR isn’t worth it if you’re going to be in pain and not be able to run afterwards. 

7. This or that: 100 squats or 100 push ups? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]
 Um…50 of each?

8. This or that: run without socks or without sports bra?
 I was not blessed with tata’s so I have actually run without a sports bra before (I was wearing a regular bra though. TMI?).  I don’t think I could stand not wearing socks!

9. This or that: treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?
 Same street block…at least your outside getting some fresh air!  I hate the treadmill!

10. This or that: Ragnar Relay or Marathon Relay team?
 I’ve done both types of Relays, and I actually like the Marathon Relay better.  No need to sleep in a van 🙂

11. This or that: Naked run or naked yoga?

12. This or that: Come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in NYC marathon?
 1st in NYC marathon.  Whether it’s the Olympics or not, who would want to come in 4th place?

13. This or that: give up running for 3 years to get a BQ or never BQ but run as much as you want?
 Well…I’ve never run a marathon and really don’t know if I ever I would probably say never BQ and run as much as I want. 



How would you answer the questions above?

Is today also your ‘Friday’?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. HAHAHA #8!!! I’ve always thought it was a blessing to not have giant tata’s! I’d think they’d just get in the way! 😉

    1. Kate says:

      Most definitely!

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