2.5 Hours


Happy Friday! So remember in the last post when I thought our AC was shut off by our energy company because we signed up for that rewards program. Well I was sort of right. The AC was shut off. But not by the energy company… but because it was broken. Like blowing hot air into our apartment broken. I wish I would have caught that (or thought of it) earlier in the day because I was only able to sleep from 2:30am-5:00am (around 2.5 hours), which lead to me feeling like death this morning. Unfortunately my husband had to go to work (and I think he did get a few more extra hours of sleep because apparently he can sleep anywhere, like inside a volcano), but I decided to stay home and catch up on sleep in the hopes of feeling like a normal human being again.  This also worked out because the repair man (man man man (name that TV show fellow 90s children)) came later in the morning and fixed our AC (thank goodness!).

The filter that was in our AC unit that obviously hasn’t been changed in years. New ones are usually blue, by the way.

I did get some sleep throughout the day (I’m not really one who takes naps) but I still went to bed before 8:00pm Thursday night (yes, you read that right).  Since I still wasn’t fully awake this morning I treated myself to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast.  I also treated myself to a Zumba workout at lunch.  The only Zumba class I can fit into my schedule is on Fridays, and since I’m off every other Friday I’m pretty sure this will be my last Zumba class at my work’s fitness center! It’s so weird (yet exciting) that the chapter of working at SSA is coming to a close!

In other news, Andrew and I had our usual ‘go to Chickfila and then do grocery shopping’ date.  We’re such senior citizens…and apparently from my Chickfila meal I’m also ‘special’ (Aw, thanks Chickfila!).


My greatest find this evening were Reese’s Oreos.  I mean, seriously the best combo ever! I may have already eaten six of them and we’ve been home for maybe an hour.  Andrew got mint ones…which are obviously far inferior to anything Reese’s related.


Well…I am off to do some laundry and get some studying done.  Hoping 9-10 miles will be in my future (i.e. tomorrow morning).  Have a great night!


Do you and your significant other combine errands and a meal and call it a date?

Favorite Oreo flavor? Have you tried the Reese’s ones yet?

Any races this weekend?







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  1. OHMYGOD. Where have I been? I’ve never seen a Reeses Oreo but now I have to have one! Holy cow, looks so good! Couple that with some CFA french fries and that is my dream meal.

    Haha and I”ve definitely had the A/C air filter problem before. Whoops!

    1. Kate says:

      The Reese’s Oreos are brand new and the package says it’s only going to be out for a limited time….so I’m probably going to be a total sucker and buy a few packages….or cases lol. They were crazy good though and I highly recommend them!

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