I’m pretty sure I’m crazy…

because I ran 5.6 miles outside today with my coworkers…in over 90 degree heat.  I was beyond tired after it was all over, but I’m really glad I got the mileage in!

Anywho…lately I’ve been cramming studying for my ACSM personal training certification in the hopes of getting it before I start school in August, along with studying the Anatomy materials UNC has given us in preparation of the Anatomy class I’ll take in the fall. So my evenings lately have been looking like this:

Books and stuff

But today my evening also looked like this:

Yummy food from Panera 🙂

Since Andrew had class tonight (and I didn’t feel like cooking) I decided that I needed a Panera fix. Plus I could study (and get infinite amounts of caffeine) so it was a win win.  The Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken salad plus the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich was perfect on this hot day.  (P.S. another thing that probably shows how crazy I am is that I was actually considering broccoli cheddar soup instead of the sandwich.  Yes folks, crazy hot food on a crazy hot day made sense at the time.  From the picture above, I obviously came to my senses and went with the sandwich. P.P.S. I can never spell broccoli without spell check fixing it.  Please tell me someone else has this problem too! Ok…tangent over).

After dinner, I told myself that if I read a chapter I would buy myself a cookie.  What, positive reinforcement isn’t necessary for you to start or finish a task?! Oh…and the cookie was only $0.95 (thank you MyPanera rewards!!).


Once I finished another chapter I packed up and headed home.  I was actually going to stop at Trader Joe’s (one of my all time favoritest places ever), but I missed the entrance into the shopping center and would have had to backtrack and actually go past the entrance onto the highway…so I just went home (I know…insert sad face here).

When I got home, I saw that my summer reading books for PT school arrived (rock on Amazon for getting them here a day early), but as I walked into the sauna that was our apartment I remembered that we signed up for a energy rewards program through our energy company.  It gives us credit towards our bill, but shuts off the AC during some of the hottest days of the year (like today).





Books = yay. No AC = sweat and ick

So I’ll be drinking water like it’s my job to stay cool for the rest of the evening.


What’s the hottest temperature you’ve run in? I’m pretty sure I’ve run in 100 degree heat.

Favorite food from Panera? Broccoli cheddar soup, Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken salad, Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, and the list goes on…

Have you signed up for an energy smart reward program through your energy company? If so, are you regretting it if your AC is currently on a ‘temporary hold’? Yes, and sort of…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. megan wiedeman says:

    We need a panera date before you leave! And fro-yo. And I wish we could do a run together. .. 😦

    1. Kate says:

      Yes we do!! Next week is insane but the week after that we should plan something.

  2. OMG crazy girl ;)! 90 deg!! I did that once and I’ll never do it again because I suffered from dehydration the rest of the day haha.

    1. Kate says:

      I made sure to drink like 48 oz before the run (my water bottle is 24 oz and I drank of those) and then drank another one afterwards. The first two miles weren’t bad (there was a breeze and shade), but after that it was pretty brutal!

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