Thursday Thoughts

Happy Friday, I mean Thursday! Today is actually my ‘Friday’ since I’m taking the day off tomorrow for my yearly physical. Anywho…here are some of my thoughts for this Thursday:

– speaking of the doctor, I actually really don’t mind going. I know some people are afraid of going to the doctor, but I like to discuss my health and how I can improve. We also got bloodwork done so I want to see if my numbers have changed drastically since last year. I haven’t really changed any of my habits, so I’m hoping and praying thinking they’ll be similar to last year.

– My sister sent me ’50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood‘ on Pinterest today, and it made me realize how spoiled blessed we were (and still are!). We had most of the things on that list and it was cool that our parents were able to give us those things! We may not have gotten everything we ever wanted (I am still waiting for my Power Wheels and Super Nintendo, just sayin’) but my parents did their best to give us an awesome childhood!

A pixelated little blob:
These were da bomb…

– Wegmans had brownie mix for $0.89.  So I bought two (how can you beat that deal?!).  Since we’re trying to eat up the food in our cabinets and frig, I offset the new items by putting the rest of our Nutella in my overnight oats for Wednesday.  I know, I’m such a helper.


– I still haven’t adjusted to the time change from our California trip.  I’ll probably be in bed by 9:00pm. again. It’s sad, I know.

– I’ve decided to get my ACSM Personal Training Certification before physical therapy school starts.  I have read the Resources Book cover to cover and I’m currently creating a study guides based on the KSAs.  I have a long way to go! On top of studying the materials sent to me by the physical therapy program I’m starting in August, it’s going to be one busy summer of studying!

Well….Off to study.  Have a great night!!


What are some of your thoughts for this Thursday?

Have you taken the ACSM personal training exam? Any tips?






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