It’s starting to feel real…and a funny things my Grandpa said today

So one of the first things I’ve been doing at work in the mornings, after reading my emails and start running my daily reports, is update my countdown. After today I have 15 more work days until I’m leaving my job at SSA. 15!!!!!! When did it get into the teens?! I can’t believe this chapter of my life is coming to an end. Seeing such a small number is definitely making this whole transition feel real!

In other news…I’ve actually eaten some fruits and veges this week (side note….as I typed ‘fruit’ autocorrect changed it to ‘fetus’. I promise I did not eat fetus today. #ihateyouauyocorrect). I had a salad for lunch and a green pepper omelet for dinner yesterday. I also finished a bottle of wine, because we need to finish up the food in our frig yesterday (don’t worry it was only like half a glass).  I also did the unthinkable.  I did not eat any of the Reese’s Oreos yesterday or today.  It was my goal (yes, I set food goals).  It was hard and I almost caved several times. But I did it.  I’ll probably finish the package tomorrow.  Just kidding.  Not really.

I miss you Reese’s Oreos…

Today we met up with some extended family for a mini family reunion at one of our favorite restaurants.  We made it to the bar of the restaurant a little early to watch the U.S. vs. Belgium game.  It was such a disappointment, but I really couldn’t see them going much further outside of the first round (sorry for being a Debbie Downer).  I still thought they have it their best effort, you know, in the last 10 minutes of overtime.  Ok, Ok, I’m done now.

Yup…or a loss.

Anywho, my Mom told my Grandpa (my Mom’s Dad) that there was a surprise at dinner.  He thought that it was just going to be my immediate family and my one Uncle who was in Maryland on a business trip, but we didn’t tell him about the several other family members coming to dinner (12 others to be exact).  The extra family members coming to dinner was the surprise.  He thought the surprise was that I was pregnant.  Um…really Grandpa?! We laughed about it for forever.  Both of my Uncles asked how far along I was (they’re buttheads.  JK they’re the coolest.).  The same Uncles also told me that I needed to name the child either Edward David or David Edward (can you guess what their names are?!).

Yup, I’m super old!

It was a very interesting and funny evening and it was nice to spend time with family.  I’m off to bed to wake up to another one of the 15 work days I have left!



For those of you that are recently married, how often do you get the ‘when are you going to have kids?!’ question?  Now that I’m going to be a full time student, not much, but I’m pretty sure my Grandpa is stuck in the 1950s and thinks I’m 4 to 5 kids behind.

What did you think of the World Cup game?  Who are you cheering for now that the U.S. is out? GO GERMANY!!!



That time we drove to North Carolina and back in less than 48 hours

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a good Sunday! This weekend has been jam packed with moving stuff for Andrew and I, so today will consist of studying my little heart out.  But at least I’ll have my hubby sitting across from me…also studying.  We’re such party animals…I can’t stand it!


He’s so happy to be here…

Since Friday was my AWS day, and also the day we could pick up the keys to our new apartment, we decided to make the drive to North Carolina.  But first, we met my Mom and Dad for breakfast at Miss Shirley’s.  They have the best pancakes ever (please see Andrew’s choice below) and their omelets are also really good (what Mom and I got).  I got the veggie omelet, except I had them make it with real eggs (instead of egg whites) and added avocado.  It was gooooood.


Andrew got the pancake special. I can’t remember everything that was on it, but it was crazy good.



Mom got the Maryland Omelet….also awesome

That definitely fueled us for our long drive to NC.  We made a pit shop for gas and lunch eventually, but made it to Chapel Hill by the time the leasing office opened at 4:30pm.


Home Sweet Home. Go Tarheels!

After we got our keys and our paperwork, we decided we needed to eat again and found Town Hall Burger and Beer.  I got California Burger with sweet potato fries and a Blue Moon.  I was in heaven.  I think we will be going again once we make the move to Carrboro.


Greasy goodness, complete with sweet potato waffle fries (what?!)

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning the apartment and going to bed at a decent hour.  We slept on Saturday in since the leasing office didn’t open again until 10:00am, turned in paperwork, then headed to Weaver Street Market.  This was a suggestion by the ladies at the leasing office…they said it had the best coffee so I was sold.  I forgot to take a picture of my iced mocha when the cup was full, so here’s the empty cup (but I promise you, it was amazing!).


The empty cup that contained the best iced mocha I’ve ever had.

Once we were in the car for a few hours, we decided we wanted a milkshake from Cookout.  I was dreaming of the peanut butter fudge milkshake I had the last time I was there, and since my eating habits had been poor this entire weekend, I thought I might as well throw in some French fries and onion rings too.  I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow and get back to my usual diet with balanced meals.


Greasy goodness, part II

It was an exhausting (and artery clogging) 48 hour journey, and we made it back in time to throw our stuff inside and head back out to get grocery shopping done.  Andrew and I are both extremely grateful for today to relax and not have any plans.  I head back to work tomorrow for a four day work week, but it’s a jam packed week full of dinners out with family, so it should be great time.


What did you do this weekend?

Any plans for the July 4th weekend?












This and That Thursday (i.e. a post with no pictures)

Hi Hi!  Today is my Friday since I have off on Friday even though it will be spent heading to North Carolina to finally see our new apartment.  The workday will hopefully go quickly (fingers crossed!) because I’ll need to head home and pack.  Andrew is making me ‘rough it’ and spend the night on an air mattress instead of staying in a hotel  Friday night, and because I’m a spoiled princess and really upset about it I told him I wanted to go shopping for a new couch while we’re down there.  I don’t know if he took me seriously because he usually ignores me when I’m whining like a brat (which, to be honest, I don’t blame him…haha).

So I found this little fun survey thing thing on Miss Amy’s blog, Fitness Meets Frosting, and I thought it would be fun…so here we go:

1. This or that: 5K or a half marathon?
 As much as I like 5Ks, I’m going to go with half marathon.  I feel like I’ve accomplished more after running 13.1 miles than running 3.1 miles. 

2. This or that: flat race in the heat or hilly race in the cold?
 Flat and the heat! I love flat races, and I love the heat…so that would be perfect. 

3. This or that: new running shoes or a new running outfit?
 Give me the shoes over the outfit any day! I usually don’t even match when I’m running, but as long as my shoes work for me it’s all good.

4. This or that: run a half marathon without headphones or Garmin?

Garmin. My iPod has a Nike+ app on it, so I can still track my mileage while listening to tunes (which I honestly feel like I need unless I’m running with someone!)

5. This or that: race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?
I love me some swag, but it was nice to run a race that was five minutes from my sister in law’s house, so I’ll probably lean more towards convenience.  The occasional RUNcation where a little more money spending and time traveling might take place is alright every once and awhile. (wow…did I even answer that question…haha).

6. This or that: PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?
 Miss the PR and finish strong.  I’ve been injured way to may times to know that the PR isn’t worth it if you’re going to be in pain and not be able to run afterwards. 

7. This or that: 100 squats or 100 push ups? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]
 Um…50 of each?

8. This or that: run without socks or without sports bra?
 I was not blessed with tata’s so I have actually run without a sports bra before (I was wearing a regular bra though. TMI?).  I don’t think I could stand not wearing socks!

9. This or that: treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?
 Same street block…at least your outside getting some fresh air!  I hate the treadmill!

10. This or that: Ragnar Relay or Marathon Relay team?
 I’ve done both types of Relays, and I actually like the Marathon Relay better.  No need to sleep in a van 🙂

11. This or that: Naked run or naked yoga?

12. This or that: Come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in NYC marathon?
 1st in NYC marathon.  Whether it’s the Olympics or not, who would want to come in 4th place?

13. This or that: give up running for 3 years to get a BQ or never BQ but run as much as you want?
 Well…I’ve never run a marathon and really don’t know if I ever I would probably say never BQ and run as much as I want. 



How would you answer the questions above?

Is today also your ‘Friday’?

The arm workout that made my arms stop working

But first…guess who is home!!!!!!


My Dad has been away on business for the past six months and we’re so happy he’s back. He was my first (and still one of my favorite) running buddy so I’m hoping I can get a bunch of runs in with him before I move.

Anywho….back to this arm workout. I did a ‘Powertone’ class at the fitness center yesterday and the instructor was a beast. He mainly concentrated on the arms and barely gave us any breaks between sets. Needless to say my arms weren’t working properly when I got back to my desk which caused me to spill some of my salad and balsamic dressing in my lap. Thank goodness my coworker had a Tide stain stick. I think I need to start wearing a bib!

If only my workout just consisted of drinking wine…

Today I went out with my friend Jeanette and did a difficult 5.6 miles. We were both exhausted so it was harder than usual! I’m glad I got it done though because it was a nice day and the endorphins are always a good thing!


In other news, packing at the Nagel household has begun.  Andrew takes packing to the extreme way too early and we currently don’t have a table to eat dinner on.  Based on the fact that I have a tendency to spill things on myself (see above) I don’t know how good of an idea this is.  We’re going down to North Carolina this weekend to get the keys to our new apartments and take some stuff down so I packed up some clothes and various other items that will fit in my car.


Those are just the winter clothes…


These boots are made for walkin’


Since I’ve spent the last couple of hours packing I should probably get some studying in.  I’m going to try to convince myself to head to the fitness center and ride the exercise bike while I study, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

Hope you’re all having a happy hump dayyyy!


What type of exercise classes do you usually take? I love Body Pump and other toning classes.  Plus Zumba (love love love love!)

Are you organized when you move, or are you more of a ‘throw things into a random box and figure it out later’ type of person?





2.5 Hours

Happy Friday! So remember in the last post when I thought our AC was shut off by our energy company because we signed up for that rewards program. Well I was sort of right. The AC was shut off. But not by the energy company… but because it was broken. Like blowing hot air into our apartment broken. I wish I would have caught that (or thought of it) earlier in the day because I was only able to sleep from 2:30am-5:00am (around 2.5 hours), which lead to me feeling like death this morning. Unfortunately my husband had to go to work (and I think he did get a few more extra hours of sleep because apparently he can sleep anywhere, like inside a volcano), but I decided to stay home and catch up on sleep in the hopes of feeling like a normal human being again.  This also worked out because the repair man (man man man (name that TV show fellow 90s children)) came later in the morning and fixed our AC (thank goodness!).


The filter that was in our AC unit that obviously hasn’t been changed in years. New ones are usually blue, by the way.

I did get some sleep throughout the day (I’m not really one who takes naps) but I still went to bed before 8:00pm Thursday night (yes, you read that right).  Since I still wasn’t fully awake this morning I treated myself to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast.  I also treated myself to a Zumba workout at lunch.  The only Zumba class I can fit into my schedule is on Fridays, and since I’m off every other Friday I’m pretty sure this will be my last Zumba class at my work’s fitness center! It’s so weird (yet exciting) that the chapter of working at SSA is coming to a close!

In other news, Andrew and I had our usual ‘go to Chickfila and then do grocery shopping’ date.  We’re such senior citizens…and apparently from my Chickfila meal I’m also ‘special’ (Aw, thanks Chickfila!).


My greatest find this evening were Reese’s Oreos.  I mean, seriously the best combo ever! I may have already eaten six of them and we’ve been home for maybe an hour.  Andrew got mint ones…which are obviously far inferior to anything Reese’s related.


Well…I am off to do some laundry and get some studying done.  Hoping 9-10 miles will be in my future (i.e. tomorrow morning).  Have a great night!


Do you and your significant other combine errands and a meal and call it a date?

Favorite Oreo flavor? Have you tried the Reese’s ones yet?

Any races this weekend?






I’m pretty sure I’m crazy…

because I ran 5.6 miles outside today with my coworkers…in over 90 degree heat.  I was beyond tired after it was all over, but I’m really glad I got the mileage in!

Anywho…lately I’ve been cramming studying for my ACSM personal training certification in the hopes of getting it before I start school in August, along with studying the Anatomy materials UNC has given us in preparation of the Anatomy class I’ll take in the fall. So my evenings lately have been looking like this:


Books and stuff

But today my evening also looked like this:


Yummy food from Panera 🙂

Since Andrew had class tonight (and I didn’t feel like cooking) I decided that I needed a Panera fix. Plus I could study (and get infinite amounts of caffeine) so it was a win win.  The Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken salad plus the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich was perfect on this hot day.  (P.S. another thing that probably shows how crazy I am is that I was actually considering broccoli cheddar soup instead of the sandwich.  Yes folks, crazy hot food on a crazy hot day made sense at the time.  From the picture above, I obviously came to my senses and went with the sandwich. P.P.S. I can never spell broccoli without spell check fixing it.  Please tell me someone else has this problem too! Ok…tangent over).

After dinner, I told myself that if I read a chapter I would buy myself a cookie.  What, positive reinforcement isn’t necessary for you to start or finish a task?! Oh…and the cookie was only $0.95 (thank you MyPanera rewards!!).


Once I finished another chapter I packed up and headed home.  I was actually going to stop at Trader Joe’s (one of my all time favoritest places ever), but I missed the entrance into the shopping center and would have had to backtrack and actually go past the entrance onto the highway…so I just went home (I know…insert sad face here).

When I got home, I saw that my summer reading books for PT school arrived (rock on Amazon for getting them here a day early), but as I walked into the sauna that was our apartment I remembered that we signed up for a energy rewards program through our energy company.  It gives us credit towards our bill, but shuts off the AC during some of the hottest days of the year (like today).






Books = yay. No AC = sweat and ick

So I’ll be drinking water like it’s my job to stay cool for the rest of the evening.


What’s the hottest temperature you’ve run in? I’m pretty sure I’ve run in 100 degree heat.

Favorite food from Panera? Broccoli cheddar soup, Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken salad, Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, and the list goes on…

Have you signed up for an energy smart reward program through your energy company? If so, are you regretting it if your AC is currently on a ‘temporary hold’? Yes, and sort of…


Feeling like a running rookie: The 2014 Baltimore 10 Miler Race Recap

Happy weekend everyone!

Today I ran the Baltimore 10 miler with some of my running buddies from work.  I was super psyched about the race, but didn’t put too much pressure on myself since the longest run I had done in a really long time was 9 miles.  I made sure I carbed (carbbed?) up the night before (in the form of mostly sweet potato fries), laid out my ‘running outfit’ for the next day, and tried to get as much sleep as I could before my 5:40am alarm went off.


My race outfit (Go Heels!)

When my alarm went off this morning, I didn’t have the greatest feeling ever.  My allergies were killing me, which led to a really crappy night’s sleep.  I did try to stay optimistic as I ate my Cliff Bar (Chocolate Brownie if you were curious) and we drove to the start line.  We only live 15 minutes away, so it was an easy commute to the race.  I was so glad Andrew went with me and was willing to drive.  I hate driving in the city and he has a better sense of direction anyways!


So happy Andrew came…he was still waking up in this pic 😉

We met up with the rest of the running crew and made our way to the start line (most of us hung around the 1:20 pace group) and all took the obligatory start line/running photos.  I also prepped my Garmin that takes a million years to find a satellite, as well as my music.  The race actually started 10 minutes late due to heavy traffic around the race are…which was kind of annoying.


The obligatory start line photo


The obligatory race selfie


The obligatory group shot

Once the race started, I tried my best to stay at a decent pace for my first mile.  I knew I wanted to be around 8:15 so I didn’t burn out too quickly.  Welp, my first mile was 7:28…which was not even close to 8:15.  I thought I was going much slower than that but I must have gotten caught up in all of the runners running past me.  Such a rookie mistake.  Then I tried to stay with the 1:15 pace group.  Another rookie mistake.  This led to a lot of slower miles, and eventually having to stop and walk at multiple water stations (where I actually choked on some water as I tried to drink it…lol).  My overall time was 1:18:58, which was a little under 2 minutes slower compared to the last time I did the Baltimore 10 miler.

Despite the feeling of dying for 85% of the race, I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well organized.  Here are the pros:

– Like I said, the whole race was really well organized.  There were wave starts, so I didn’t have to worry about tripping over walkers when I’m trying to cross the start line (is that a pet peeve for anyone else?!)

– Tons of water stations throughout the course, and the crowd support was wonderful!

– There was watermelon in addition to bananas and apples afterwards (among the massive amount of food for us), so that made me a happy camper.

– The race premium is also really really nice.  I needed more long sleeve running shirts, so that worked out nicely.

– The vendors were awesome.  Naked Juice was there (Mighty Mango is my favorite!), in addition to Red Robin, Noodles & Company, as well as some local vendors.  We got coupons for Naked Juice and Red Robin, and Andrew and I both won free meals from Noodles & Company (we love free!!)


– The race was 10 minutes late.  Really?!

– The beer was awful!! I know it’s free and I should just appreciate the fact that I get free beer, but ew!


Such awful beer! #ineedabluemoon #withanorangeplease

Overall, a great race, and one that I’ll miss when I move to North Carolina.  I think I’ll have to run more races so I can get back into the groove of things and not feel like a racing rookie!


Me with the mascot. I begged Andrew to take my picture with him after the race. Because I’m a five year old.


Did you run any races this weekend?

Have you ever had decent beer at a race?  











Thursday Thoughts

Happy Friday, I mean Thursday! Today is actually my ‘Friday’ since I’m taking the day off tomorrow for my yearly physical. Anywho…here are some of my thoughts for this Thursday:

– speaking of the doctor, I actually really don’t mind going. I know some people are afraid of going to the doctor, but I like to discuss my health and how I can improve. We also got bloodwork done so I want to see if my numbers have changed drastically since last year. I haven’t really changed any of my habits, so I’m hoping and praying thinking they’ll be similar to last year.

– My sister sent me ’50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood‘ on Pinterest today, and it made me realize how spoiled blessed we were (and still are!). We had most of the things on that list and it was cool that our parents were able to give us those things! We may not have gotten everything we ever wanted (I am still waiting for my Power Wheels and Super Nintendo, just sayin’) but my parents did their best to give us an awesome childhood!

A pixelated little blob:

These were da bomb…

– Wegmans had brownie mix for $0.89.  So I bought two (how can you beat that deal?!).  Since we’re trying to eat up the food in our cabinets and frig, I offset the new items by putting the rest of our Nutella in my overnight oats for Wednesday.  I know, I’m such a helper.


– I still haven’t adjusted to the time change from our California trip.  I’ll probably be in bed by 9:00pm. again. It’s sad, I know.

– I’ve decided to get my ACSM Personal Training Certification before physical therapy school starts.  I have read the Resources Book cover to cover and I’m currently creating a study guides based on the KSAs.  I have a long way to go! On top of studying the materials sent to me by the physical therapy program I’m starting in August, it’s going to be one busy summer of studying!

Well….Off to study.  Have a great night!!


What are some of your thoughts for this Thursday?

Have you taken the ACSM personal training exam? Any tips?





I have failed you

Because I never told you about this amazingly decadent chocolate and peanut butter bundt cake. With Reese’s. And two types of ganaches for good measure.

I made it for a graduation party for our friend Paula. She’s a superhero in my eyes because she completed a Masters of Education in two years. While working full time. And with a two year old. I thought that I was doing a lot, but she’s definitely taken the cake.

Speaking of cake….here it is:





I got the recipe from this website. It’s pretty time consuming, but it’s totally worth it!

Do you have a ‘go to’ dessert?





California…knows how to partay!

Happy Monday Everybody!

I have been M.I.A since I traveled to California to visit family and celebrate my cousin Henry’s high school graduation.  I’m currently a zombie because our connecting flight from Arizona to Baltimore was over two hours delayed, which means I didn’t get home and in bed until 4:00am.  This also means that I also took off today from work.  I slept in until 11:00am, then did laundry and grocery shopping to get ready for my three day work week (yes, I’m off again on Friday, but for my yearly physical with my primary care doctor…so nothing quite as fun).

Here are some of the main points from the trip:

– Getting on a plane with these two


Getting ready to go to Cali!

– Getting a cheeseburger ‘animal style’ from In-n-Out burger (along with fries and chocolate milkshake, of course)




– Completing Bootcamp and HIIT classes led by my Aunt Andrea (not pictured).  She kicked all of our butts, but I’ve decided I want to be like her when I grow up!



Post workout selfie with Mom and Aunt Monica

– Watching my cousin, Henry, graduate from high school




Waiting for graduation to start!


My ‘little’ (I’m pretty sure he’s at least a foot taller than me) cousin graduated


Henry with his older brother, Johnnie. I told them to do something ‘brother-like’. They did this.

– Going to ‘The Rock’ (i.e. Alcatraz)


There it is in the distance…




An Alcatraz cell…I would not be able to live in that!

– Seeing some crazy big Redwood trees





Those blurry things are trees, I promise!

I definitely don’t want to go back to reality tomorrow, but I only have five more days until the Baltimore 10 miler, so I have something else to look forward to 🙂


Anything fun and exciting happen while I was gone?

Running any races this weekend?