Breakfast for every meal is a good idea, right?


So this morning started with a blood test…which wasn’t fun at all (does anyone actually like needles?!).  But then Andrew and I went to Panera for breakfast…which was much funner (um, yes, it’s a word).

I tried their egg white, avocado, and spinach breakfast ‘power’ sandwich on their ciabatta bread, and it was delicious! I also got their hazelnut coffee and added cinnamon which made it amazing.


Then Andrew and I finished our grocery shopping, cleaned our bathroom, and I did the laundry (a thrilling day off, for sure!).

For lunch I decided to make two waffles with peanut butter and Nutella.  I had some Nutella left and didn’t want to put it to waste 😉


After relaxing (i.e. napping), I decided that I should exercise before the day was over, so I went to the fitness center and completed 45 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work.

Dinner was two eggs over easy and some toast, after eating a strawberry popsicle and some amazing ice cream.


So.freaking.good. Get some now!!


This day was definitely not the healthiest, with breakfast for every meal, but it was pretty tasty! I promise that I will eat a piece of fruit and maybe more vegetables tomorrow!


What is your favorite meal? Breakfast, for sure. (Unless you consider dessert a meal…then dessert).

Any fun plans for this weekend?







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