Sunday = Pool Day

It definitely feels weird that Sunday isn’t the last day of my weekend (thank you Memorial Day!). The hubs and I tried to sleep in but ended up waking up around 8:00am. We got up and made some really awesome sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Then we watched Myth Busters (our version of Sunday morning cartoons…hehe).

So good!


After that huge sandwich I went to the fitness center at my apartment complex and did the elliptical for 45 minutes.

Oh hey…it’s a blurry gym selfie (notice the UNC shorts, though)

And then I did this ab workout. And then wondered why my abs burned after (I guess my abs are out of shape).



And I finally got to go to the pool!!


The rest of my day was spent:

-Talking to my sister, Sara, via FaceTime.  She’s away right now so it’s nice to be able to FaceTime and see her pretty face!

– Watching more episodes of Royal Pains (I think I have a problem)

– Eating an amazing cheesecake Andrew made for me

– Devouring some fro yo before I remembered to take a picture of it (it was that good, trust me)

– Grocery shopping with Mom for our mini cookout tomorrow

It’s after 10:00pm, which is way past my bedtime! I hope you all had a great Sunday!


Cookouts: Hamburger or Hot Dog? Um, one of each, please!

Favorite fro yo toppings? I love Reese’s and cookie dough (if they have it)!



















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