Friday Things…

T.G.I.F y’all!!! I probably should start using ‘y’all’ since I’m moving to the South. For those who think Maryland is a Southern state…it is below the Mason/Dixon line…but it’s definitely not what I would consider a Southern state!

Anywho….here are some fun things that happened today:

1. I did Zumba instead of running today because I didn’t want to do anything too crazy with the minor surgery I had yesterday. I’ll be back to running probably tomorrow though since it’s supposed to be freaking gorgeous!

LOVE this!!!!
My feeling when I go to Zumba at lunch time!

2. Andrew and I usually have an extremely romantic date on Friday night involving Chick-fil-a and Wegmans.



3. Since I’m milking this extremely minor surgery for all it’s worth I still feel like I should avoid food where I have to chew a lot, I got another milkshake from Chickfila.  I also got grilled nuggets and fries…but I figured I shouldn’t chew tooo much.  Oh…PS…I got a chocolate cookies and cream milkshake (that had some pretty big and awesome cookies pieces) in case you were curious.

Adding chocolate to a cookies and crème milkshake makes is AWESOME!

Other than that my evening will consist of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom shower and floor. Andrew cleans the toilet and sink (NOTE: the fact that he is willing to clean toilets is one of the reasons I married him….jk…but not really ;)). I’m trying to use up all of my baking stuff so we don’t have to move it all…so cookies or brownies might be in my future. Just sayin’.

Any fun plans for the long weekend?

Going to any cookouts?




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