A mini vacation that started a month of adventures: First stop DISNEY WORLD!

Happy hump day everyone (woot wooooooot)! Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile. I forgot to mention that every weekend in November has been booked with some sort of travel for various reasons. The first place my travels took me to was Tampa, Florida to visit my sister for her birthday.


We were able eat tons of good food and go to DISNEY WORLD!!! One of my favorite places ever. I actually ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon there a few years ago and it was pretty sweet 🙂

When we got to the hotel (we decided to stay overnight instead of driving there and back on the same day), we got these room keys:


Adorbs, right?!

We also are lunch in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle (if you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast you should know what I’m talking about).



And we were probably the oldest ‘kids’ there that waited in list to meet the characters. ::prepare for picture overload::









Have a great day everyone!

Favorite Disney character/movie?
Belle is my favorite Disney princess and Tigger is my favorite Disney character.

Have you run any Disney races?
Just the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon but I hope to run more!


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