Multitasking…the only way to workout

Hey heeeyyy everybody 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!

This week has been kind of stressful since I have two quizzes, a lab report, two chapters worth of homework, and a test…all in Chemistry (boo!). I do like Chemistry (nerd alert!) but that is a little insane.

In order to get a decent workout in, while not feeling that I’m wasting time that I should be studying, I usually bring my notes to the gym to look over while I’m on the bike or elliptical (yes that is being incorporated back into my workout routine…Yay!)


Now If I’m totally honest with you, I still listen to my iPod, and if the right song comes on the studying goes out the window and the rocking out starts. The songs that cause this to happen vary from day to day. From Red to Bon Jovi to ‘N SYNC (oh please don’t give me that look…) the study break may last a few songs.

It’s not ideal, but I know that I’ll feel better (and probably not as stressed) if I workout.

That’s all for now….possibly more later (after I take this crazy test!)

Fellow students: Do you also multitask when you workout?

Favorite song you work out to that you are too embarrassed to admit? In addition to ‘N SYNC….MMMBOP may come up…not that I was obsessed with Hanson in middle school or anything…


One Comment Add yours

  1. runningoutofwine says:

    When I was in graduate school I used to study while running on the treadmill. Now I have no idea how I did that! Don’t worry I was obsessed with Hanson in middle school too…Mmmbop might still be on my playlist and may have been played at my wedding last year:) Good luck on your test!

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