Five ‘Facts’ Friday


I know that other bloggers have things like ‘Triple Tanget Tuesday’, or ‘Tuesday Things’, or ‘Thursday Things’, but I haven’t really seen anyone do ‘Five Facts Friday’…so I’m saying I started this trend (because I’m cool like that).

1. I’m a coffee/caffeine addict. Add chocolate or caramel and you will keep me happy for ever and ever.

Caramel Mocha...with refills (yes, please!)
Caramel Mocha…with refills (yes, please!)

2. I enjoy grocery shopping and doing laundry.  My husband does not, but doesn’t mind vacuuming and cleaning toilets.  Between the two of us our apartment and clothes are always clean, and we never go hungry. 

Today's groceries
Today’s groceries

3. I just updated my iPhone with the new iOS this morning…like the one that completely changed the look of the iPhone stuff…yeah that one.  What…you don’t wait a few weeks to update your phone?

4. I really like getting mail…and also love the fact that my sister has the same sense of humor as me.

The sister's halloween card (front)
The sister’s Halloween card (front)
The sister's Halloween card (inside)
The sister’s Halloween card (inside)

 5. Andrew and I spent over $10 on five apples at the grocery store today.  But they were Sweet Tango apples, which are (dare I say) better than Honey Crisp.  And they were huge (that’s what she said). 

Sweet Tango apple of yumminess
Sweet Tango apple of yumminess


What are some of your facts for this Friday?

What is a household chore you don’t mind doing?



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