A House Divided

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! We spent the day before thanksgiving and most of thanksgiving with Andrew’s family in Hershey, PA. But the Steelers were playing the Ravens that evening so we made our way to my parents house to watch the game.

Our family dynamic is very interesting because my mom (born and raised in Baltimore, MD) is a Ravens fan, while my Dad (who lived in Pittsburgh, PA most of his childhood) is a Steelers fan. I have always been a Steelers fan…and I mean always…like in the 1990s when they were horrible. My sister tends to go to the team that most recently won a Superbowl, so she’s currently a Ravens fan. Dad and I just told her to stay there (hehe…love you Sara!). Andrew is currently a Ravens fan too because he cheers for the team in the city he’s currently in (and plus mom made him asked him to be a Ravens fan after we got married).  So the Ravens fans watched the game in the basement and Dad and I didn’t watch the game, fearing that us watching it will cause the Steelers to lose.




Well the Steelers came up short at the end, with the final score of 20-22, Ravens.  It was a great game, and my throat still hurts from screaming.  I don’t know if the Steelers will make it into the playoffs this year (I’m thinking no), but the fact that we beat the Ravens earlier this season makes me a feel a little better (it’s so hard being a Steeles fan in Raven Nation!). 


Did you watch football on Thanksgiving? What games were you excited to watch?


A mini vacation that started a month of adventures: First stop DISNEY WORLD!

Happy hump day everyone (woot wooooooot)! Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile. I forgot to mention that every weekend in November has been booked with some sort of travel for various reasons. The first place my travels took me to was Tampa, Florida to visit my sister for her birthday.


We were able eat tons of good food and go to DISNEY WORLD!!! One of my favorite places ever. I actually ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon there a few years ago and it was pretty sweet 🙂

When we got to the hotel (we decided to stay overnight instead of driving there and back on the same day), we got these room keys:


Adorbs, right?!

We also are lunch in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle (if you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast you should know what I’m talking about).



And we were probably the oldest ‘kids’ there that waited in list to meet the characters. ::prepare for picture overload::









Have a great day everyone!

Favorite Disney character/movie?
Belle is my favorite Disney princess and Tigger is my favorite Disney character.

Have you run any Disney races?
Just the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon but I hope to run more!

Multitasking…the only way to workout

Hey heeeyyy everybody 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!

This week has been kind of stressful since I have two quizzes, a lab report, two chapters worth of homework, and a test…all in Chemistry (boo!). I do like Chemistry (nerd alert!) but that is a little insane.

In order to get a decent workout in, while not feeling that I’m wasting time that I should be studying, I usually bring my notes to the gym to look over while I’m on the bike or elliptical (yes that is being incorporated back into my workout routine…Yay!)


Now If I’m totally honest with you, I still listen to my iPod, and if the right song comes on the studying goes out the window and the rocking out starts. The songs that cause this to happen vary from day to day. From Red to Bon Jovi to ‘N SYNC (oh please don’t give me that look…) the study break may last a few songs.

It’s not ideal, but I know that I’ll feel better (and probably not as stressed) if I workout.

That’s all for now….possibly more later (after I take this crazy test!)

Fellow students: Do you also multitask when you workout?

Favorite song you work out to that you are too embarrassed to admit? In addition to ‘N SYNC….MMMBOP may come up…not that I was obsessed with Hanson in middle school or anything…

Blood tests, breakfasts and a date night

This weekend was crazy busy but tons of fun. I had the day off of work on Friday, but Andrew needed to get blood work done so I went to the hospital with him and then broke the fast with a huge breakfast at Bob Evans (we had a coupon for buy one, get one free) (yes we’re both senior citizens at heart).


Then…from the amount of caffeine I drank I had almost a two hour workout that invoked the bike, the ‘I love arms’ workout, and around 300 sit ups.


I will not say how many pictures I took to get a decent one…I need to practice gym selfies more often lol.

After some homework and maybe an episode or five of 19 Kids and Counting, Andrew and I went on a date night to see the play at the high school he teaches at called ‘Almost, Maine’. He teaches a lot of really talented kids who were involved so he wanted to support them.

The rest of the weekend involved studying chemistry, a girls evening complete with cheesecake and shopping, church, and more chemistry studying.


Hope you’re all having a good week!

Five ‘Facts’ Friday

I know that other bloggers have things like ‘Triple Tanget Tuesday’, or ‘Tuesday Things’, or ‘Thursday Things’, but I haven’t really seen anyone do ‘Five Facts Friday’…so I’m saying I started this trend (because I’m cool like that).

1. I’m a coffee/caffeine addict. Add chocolate or caramel and you will keep me happy for ever and ever.

Caramel Mocha...with refills (yes, please!)

Caramel Mocha…with refills (yes, please!)

2. I enjoy grocery shopping and doing laundry.  My husband does not, but doesn’t mind vacuuming and cleaning toilets.  Between the two of us our apartment and clothes are always clean, and we never go hungry. 

Today's groceries

Today’s groceries

3. I just updated my iPhone with the new iOS this morning…like the one that completely changed the look of the iPhone stuff…yeah that one.  What…you don’t wait a few weeks to update your phone?

4. I really like getting mail…and also love the fact that my sister has the same sense of humor as me.

The sister's halloween card (front)

The sister’s Halloween card (front)

The sister's Halloween card (inside)

The sister’s Halloween card (inside)

 5. Andrew and I spent over $10 on five apples at the grocery store today.  But they were Sweet Tango apples, which are (dare I say) better than Honey Crisp.  And they were huge (that’s what she said). 

Sweet Tango apple of yumminess

Sweet Tango apple of yumminess


What are some of your facts for this Friday?

What is a household chore you don’t mind doing?