How I find time to workout and stay healthy with a crazy schedule

For the past two years I’ve been taking at least two classes every semester in the evenings (including the winter and summer semesters) so I can complete my pre-requisites for physical therapy school. This hectic schedule means that pretty much every minute of my day is planned…including workouts! I’m really fortunate to have access to a fitness center at work so I can get a workout in at lunch time…but I know some people aren’t as fortunate.

I started writing all of the things I need to do in a planner, and that includes all school and social related stuff. Since I know I’ll more than likely have time to workout at lunch I’ve stopped putting that in my planner, but if your workout times are not consistent I would recommend ‘scheduling’ workouts.

2013 Planner of Fun
2013 Planner of Fun
Wow this weekend is busy :)
Wow this weekend is busy 🙂

I would also pick a workout time that you know you can stick to. I used to workout after work, but on most days I really had to push myself to go to the gym. I would literally pass it on the way home so I really had no excuse. This worked for me before I started school…but it definitely wouldn’t work for me now (especially since we moved and I no longer belong to that gym).

In terms of eating healthy, I try to plan my lunches and dinners for the week on Sunday. Sometimes that happens (lunches usually do) but sometimes it doesn’t. I try to take a salad for lunch every day, and change up the protein so I don’t get bored. I also make sure to bring healthy snacks like fruit and veges so I can avoid going to the vending machine for candy.

Meal planning...because eating ice cream for dinner really isnt healthy.
Meal planning…because eating ice cream for dinner really isnt healthy.

I am definitely not perfect with this! I will be the first to admit that I will eat my weight in Reese’s and candy corn during this halloween season..but I try not to do that every day. I usually have dessert everyday…but I try to make it something small. I feel that anything in moderation is healthy and as long you don’t overdo it too often, having a cookie or a piece of chocolate (or two) is fine!

I'm sorry...this cracked me up!
I’m sorry…this cracked me up!

Just remember to do what works for you. Sometimes the hardest part of working out is the act of getting out the door to the gym or to start your run…but always remember the feeling you get after you finish your workout (I know there are more endorphin junkies out there!)


When do you usually workout?
Do you usually plan your meals for the week?
What are your favorite salad toppings?


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