2013 Baltimore Running Festival Relay: Run For Nugget!

This was the first race I’ve completed since this time last year due to the Morton’s Neuroma (it’s a fancy name for a pinched nerve) in my left foot. Due to this injury, my butt has been stuck either biking (using an exercise bike) and/or taking Zumba classes (which I have fallen in love with and sort of want to get certified to teach).

Anywho, the team got up at crazy early hours to meet at a park and ride so we could all go in one car. Once we got downtown, we of course got a random person to take our picture.

Team Run for Nugget befor the race!
Team Run for Nugget before the race!

I ran the second leg (7.1 miles) and had to catch a bus, so I left the group and went to sit on the bus that was going to ‘promptly leave at 7:30am’ (it didn’t…).  It also took like four hours to get to the spot (Ok…I may exaggerate a little bit), but we got there in time for us to see the first runners run past, which was pretty cool. 

Waiting for my turn to run = taking pictures of my fun socks

Once my teammate got there we made the exchange of stuff and the time chip, and I was off.  My run was fairly hilly (despite one of the guys on the bus telling me it was mostly downhill…not cool, dude), and I got to go through the Under Armour headquarters (if you didn’t know Under Armour was based in Maryland…shame on you!). My goal was sub 8:00/mile, and I attained that…barely (I think my average was 7:56/mile).  But for only really being able to run for a few weeks I think that’s pretty darn good 🙂

Overall, the team ran the marathon course in 3:48:27, which was an 8:43 pace.  YAY RUN FOR NUGGET!!  We did awesome 🙂

BRF Times
All of our splits…in case you were curious 🙂




Are you running any races in the next few weeks?

Do you wear compression socks when you run? If so, what brand?  (P.S. the socks we wore weren’t compression, but I’m in the market for a new pair)

Random question of the day: How do you carb up for a race?  For me, the more cookies and cake I eat, the better I run.  Oh yeah, and pasta is always good too 🙂



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